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In recent years, cars have become more and more popular among families. When buying a car for the first time, some people choose a brand new car, while others prefer a second-hand car. So what is a second-hand car?

Second-hand vehicles refer to vehicles (including tricycles, low-speed trucks, or original agricultural vehicles), trailers, and motorcycles that are registered with the public security traffic management agency. They can be traded and transferred before reaching the national system scrapping standards.

Why are more and more people buying used cars in China?

Low prices are the biggest selling point for used cars. With the same money to buy a new car, you can buy a second-hand car at a higher level in China. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing the cost of buying cars, it is a more sensible choice for the general public to buy second-hand cars in China.

Export of used cars in Qingdao, China

Export of used cars in Qingdao, China

Of course, it doesn’t mean that second-hand cars are obsolete or defective old cars. Today’s second-hand car market in China is not a single way of sales. It covers cars ranging from millions of super luxury cars to thousands of discontinued cars.

What are the advantages of second-hand cars in China?

1. Investment and financing

In the used car market of any country or region, consumers buy a second-hand car to spend a small amount of money to buy the right car. Chinese used cars just to have such price and quality advantages.

2. Wide choice 

By buying a car, the same money may not be able to choose the desired car, but it may be reluctant to buy a car, but buying a second-hand car with a small amount of money can also select a good model. That is to say, with the same money, the choice space and leeway to buy a used car is much larger than that to buy a new car.

3. High-cost performance

From the aspect of cost performance, if the tested used car has no problems in configuration, performance, and other aspects, there has been no traffic accident. Compared with new cars, they are much cheaper, which why some friends choose second-hand cars.

4. No purchase tax

For the reason that the second-hand car has paid the purchase tax, this sum of money can be directly omitted. Of course, if the luxury car is used, it will save more, with 30000, 50000 less, and hundreds of more purchase taxes. So the more expensive the car, the more tax money it saves.

The sale of second-hand cars in China has solved the problem that many people want to own a car. With the support of national policies, more and more foreign friends are willing to choose the second-hand cars exported from China. To better serve consumers, all exported second-hand cars in China will pass a complete testing process to ensure the quality of each exported second-hand car.

In the more and more used car market, how to choose a cost-effective Chinese used car?

1. Before buying a used car, you can check the price on the Internet to determine the cost of relevant models.

2. Check whether the car procedures are complete and review the insurance issues.

3. Test drive: seat comfort, air conditioning sound, instrument panel light, engine noise, the steering wheel is shaking, brake system.

4. Before the transfer of ownership, find a third-party testing agency to conduct a comprehensive, authoritative inspection of the vehicle, which also provides a guarantee for both parties of the transaction.

China Tianjin used car export Summit Forum

China Tianjin used car export Summit Forum

In terms of the export of second-hand cars, China has further promoted the implementation of the policy of abolishing the restrictions on the transfer of second-hand cars and promoting the free circulation of second-hand cars. We will implement preferential policies for value-added tax on second-hand car sales and promote the healthy development of the industry. Expand the export business of second-hand cars and expand the development space of the market. Facilitate the registration of vehicle transactions in different places and further prosper the second-hand car market.

On April 17, the first batch of new energy used cars in China were declared and exported to Kazakhstan through the Chengdu railway port. The first batch of new energy vehicles to be exported totaled 8, with a value of nearly 5 million yuan.

Export of the first batch of new energy used carsExport of the first batch of new energy used cars

Export of the first batch of new energy used cars

Since the shipping of second-hand cars in China, we have continuously improved our experience concept, focused on objective evaluation and standardized trading, strengthened staff training and learning, and improved the knowledge level and business skills of the industry. And gradually formed a “fair price” service model with an innovative concept, the second-hand car appraisal, transaction, and information service platform with Chinese characteristics has been built to ensure the standardization and specialization of China’s export of second-hand cars. We look forward to your choice!

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