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People’s consumption level is getting higher and higher, people’s demand for cars is also growing, but if you buy a new vehicle directly, there is still some pressure for many people. Hence, people began to turn their attention to the second-hand car market.

China’s second-hand car market has a history of more than 30 years since the 1980s. From free trade to the used car trade market to the e-commerce platform, China’s second-hand car sales requirements continue to be refined and standardized, and the sales market continues to expand.

Cheap used cars in china

China’s cheap second-hand cars are not inferior cars that have been eliminated, but vehicles that have been comprehensively tested, are in good condition and can continue to be used. You can buy them at ease. Although China’s second-hand car export market is in its infancy, it is only a matter of time before China’s second-hand car export volume becomes the largest country in the world in terms of the current growth rate of China’s car market.

What are the advantages of cheap used cars in China compared with countries with rich export experience?

1. Low price. As we all know, low price is the most prominent bright spot of second-hand car sales. People with less economic conditions can buy their favorite second-hand car with less money, which is an excellent choice. And the quality of cars made in China is improving, and many developing countries may prefer cheap second-hand cars in China to Toyota or Ford cars.

2. Choose more. China is the country with the most abundant automobile brands and models. There are all kinds of imported cars from Japan and Germany, as well as domestic cars with steadily improved quality, which can provide foreign customers with a variety of choices.

3. There is a large stock. At present, China has nearly 300 million motor vehicles, providing a huge source of goods for the second-hand car export market.

4. Good quality. On the one hand, the Chinese government strengthens the supervision of export enterprises and strictly controls the quality of second-hand car exports. On the other hand, the enterprise operates in good faith and strengthens service. The third-party testing organization guarantees the quality and safety of used cars.

Cheap used cars in chinaCheap used cars in china

With the quality and price advantages of second-hand cars and the support of national policies, China’s cheap second-hand cars will surely occupy a place in the foreign second-hand car market and be accepted and trusted by more overseas customers.

Cheap used cars exported from China must have the following characteristics:

1. Complete procedures. Personal vehicles shall be provided with the vehicle registration certificate, driving license, vehicle owner ID card, and private cooperation; business license and an official seal shall be provided for enterprise vehicles.

2. Vehicles to be exported shall be within the scope of the annual inspection. If not, they can be supplemented.

3. Vehicles to be exported must be three non-vehicles: no major accident, no fire, no flooding.

Cheap used cars in china
Cheap used cars in china
Cheap used cars in china

4. Vehicles to be exported must not be more than one and a half years away from being scrapped.

5. The frame number, engine number, and procedures have not been changed.

China’s cheap used cars are in good condition, with a low failure rate, a good supply chain of spare parts, and good after-sales service. Chinese enterprises will always adhere to the principle of good faith, constantly improve the export system, improve the quality of exports, and continuously provide high-quality used cars for all countries.

Export of cheap used cars in China:

On July 19, 2019, China – Europe freight train chang ‘an, carrying the first batch of export used cars, drove out of Xi’an port Xinzhu station, all the way to the west, to Malaswicz, Poland, and operated for about 10 days. After the first batch of used cars arrives in Poland, they will be distributed to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. The average price of these second-hand cars is about 60000 yuan, and the car age is about 3 years.

China's first batch of second-hand car exports depart in Xi'an port

China’s first batch of second-hand car exports depart in Xian port

Although China’s current export experience is not productive, with the government and enterprises’ joint efforts, China’s export system will be more and more perfect, export quality and service will continue to improve, China’s cheap second-hand car is worthy of your trust and purchase!

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