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Many people have such doubts when they buy a car. Do I buy a new car or a used car? In recent years, the second-hand car with the advantages of economic benefits, not afraid of scratching, high maintenance rate, extensive choice, and so on, makes consumers more inclined to choose to buy the second-hand car.

Second-hand car, which means “second-hand car” or “used car,” is called “used motor vehicle” in China.

Who are the best people to buy used cars?

1. People who think that a car is a walking tool. For some reason, in work or life, just for the convenience of going out, there is a means of transportation that can keep out the wind and rain. Usually, at this time, China’s second-hand car is the best choice.

2. People who don’t often drive. Some people get their license early, but they never touch the car. When he really wanted to buy a car, he felt that his driving skills were not up to standard, and he was too distressed to buy a new car, so he bought a second-hand car to practice. When you think you can master driving skills, you can buy a new car or a better-used car.

3. Car collectors. In their opinion, the car is not for driving, but for watching. They often fantasize that they own a lot of cars, but not everyone has economic conditions. At this time, second-hand cars are also the best choice. Buy a second-hand car at a price close to 50% off. Even if you sell it after 3 months, you will not lose money. You can also replace it with a new one, which is very cost-effective.

4. People who want to improve their quality of life. For the same money, you can buy a second-hand car with a higher level and enjoy a higher driving experience.

The second-hand car has the characteristics of “one car, one condition.” When consumers choose the second-hand car, they should consider how to maintain the second-hand car in the later period and whether the quality is guaranteed. The way of purchase is essential, and China’s second-hand cars ensure a high vehicle condition and delivery quality. You can buy it at ease!

Advantages of China’s second-hand car export:

1. There are many sources of vehicles. China’s second-hand car exports have an advantage in terms of ownership, which can guarantee sufficient car sources.

2. neighboring countries have close transportation distance and convenient logistics.

3. China is a country of left-hand drive vehicles with a wide range of applications.

4. China’s second-hand car e-commerce has matured, and companies have established and operated China’s second-hand car export brands through strong cooperation and resource integration.

5. China’s second-hand car enterprises actively develop professional third-party platforms to provide comprehensive services. Such as vehicle condition, detection, and traceability.

6. The historical records of vehicles are transparent and easy to check, and the credit system of China’s second-hand car market is relatively high.

High quality used cars in China

High quality used cars in China

China’s second-hand car export business chooses to be carried out first in mature regions. With the advantages of high quality and high-cost performance, it is believed that more and more overseas consumers will choose second-hand cars from China in the future!

Export of used cars in China:

Guangzhou first order: on July 17, 2019, a sonata manufactured by Beijing Hyundai is shipped from Nansha port to Dubai, United Arab emirates

Shenzhen first order: on July 22, 2019, the first export used cars at Shenzhen port were successfully cleared at Shekou port and sold to Cambodia.

Tianjin’s first order: on July 24, 2019, the second-hand passenger car Ford Mondeo arrived in Djibouti, Africa, from Tianjin port.

Zhejiang’s first order: on August 2, 2019, a used Buick car valued at $12968 was transported from Ningbo port to Cote d’Ivoire.

Xiamen’s first used car export departure ceremony
Shenzhen port first export second-hand car loading smoothly

China’s second-hand cars are more and more concerned about overseas consumers. China is continuously optimizing its services and building an after-sales guarantee system for China’s second-hand car export so that foreign consumers can enjoy better services.

Services provided by China in the export of used cars:

1. Establish overseas sales and after-sales system. The after-sales service network covering the sales countries shall be formed through overseas self-construction, resource sharing, multi-channel cooperation, etc.

2. Set up an overseas warehouse for spare parts to shorten the supply time of spare parts.

3. Quickly complete customer docking, vehicle procurement, transfer, transportation, and formalities preparation.

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