Chinese used car export brings new choices for overseas consumers

On May 5, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of public security, and the General Administration of Customs jointly held a special meeting on the export of used cars, officially launching the export of used cars. The used car export policy finally came into effect. Many car companies and used car e-commerce platforms responded in succession, making Chinese used car export business heated up.

 China’s first used car export international special train

In China’s primary export market at present, many countries are left-hand vehicles, as well as China. These countries have low car ownership, while China has a rich car source, which has certain advantages in commercial cars, trucks, and some passenger vehicles.

Why are more and more people thinking about used cars?

Obviously, there are many benefits that can’t be separated from used cars.

First of all, compared with the price of new cars, used cars are cheaper and more affordable. With the same budget, a new car’s price may be able to buy two good used cars. For a friend who is not so well off and needs a car very much, buying a used car is very cost-effective. Generally speaking, the used car market has more models and a more extensive range of options.

Secondly, it won’t hurt too much if the car is scratched. This is a very real problem for novice drivers who have just got their license. Novice drivers have little experience and are easy to be nervous when driving on the road. If they don’t pay attention to the vehicles, they are easy to bump. If it’s a new car, it’s excruciating to have a scratch, but the old car won’t care so much.

Third, the discount rate is low. When you buy a new car, whether you use it or not, it’s an old car, and its value is declining every day. If you buy a new car and wait for the freshness to pass, you will lose a lot of money if you want to sell it. If you choose to buy a used car, you will not lose much money if you sell it after driving for several years.

Finally, the accessories market is mature. The used cars are generally the models that have passed the time test after being put on the market. The maintenance, spare parts, and other related businesses for the used cars have been very mature and sound. When a new car breaks down, it may face the situation that the parts to be replaced are out of stock, or need to spend more time and energy waiting. At this point, a new car does not have the advantage of a used car.

Chinese used car

Of course, you can’t buy a used car just because you want to be cheap. In the process of purchase, there are still many things worth noting. Otherwise, it’s frustrating to spend money to buy an unsatisfied car to go home.

Precautions for purchasing used cars:

  1. The used car with formal formalities can be purchased through the regular Chinese used car website.
  2. Check the vehicle’s appearance and interior decoration as well as the engine and chassis to see if they are normal, and comprehensively evaluate the car’s performance and maintenance degree.
  3. In addition to checking the car body’s appearance, don’t forget to drive for a test drive and check the vehicle’s condition during driving.

Chinese used car market is booming step by step. Now, not only ordinary consumers but also many stars are willing to buy used luxury cars, not only because the price is relatively affordable, but also because some used cars are limited edition and can be used for collection after purchase. With the Chinese used trading market becoming more and more formal, procedures becoming more and more streamlined, more and more rational consumers believe that in the future, Chinese used cars will be chosen by more and more foreign consumers.