Chinese Used Car Market

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A second-hand car market is a place for the secondary flow of motor vehicle commodities, which has the intermediary service provider’s dual attributes and the commodity operator. Many owners sell their replacement cars in the used-car market, where brokers buy them and restock them for resale. Second-hand car market can provide people with affordable, cost-effective vehicles.

China’s used-car market is booming:

China can be said to be a veritable global auto production and sales power, in recent years, China’s second-hand car circulation market has also grown rapidly. In April 2019, the ministry of commerce, the ministry of public security, and the general administration of customs decided to support the export of China’s second-hand automobiles in mature areas. A total of 10 regions have been selected as the first batch to carry out second-hand car export business, which has created conditions for China to provide safe, practical, cost-effective, and superior quality second-hand Chinese cars to overseas consumers.

China exports second-hand cars to AfricaChina exports second-hand cars to Africa

China exports second-hand cars to Africa

With the continuous and rapid growth of new car sales and ownership in China, many second-hand cars will continuously enter the market. Meanwhile, the quality of second-hand cars in China is improving, and consumers’ acceptance of second-hand cars in China will become increasingly high.

What kind of people need a used car the most?

1. People who just got their driver’s license. After people get a driver’s license, they hope to have a car of their own, but considering their driving skills, they are afraid that the car body will be scarred soon after they buy it. If you have such concerns, then the used car in China is definitely suitable for you. Choose a used car as a training model. When you are familiar with the car, you can sell it and buy a new car. You don’t lose much money, and the chance of later scratching is much smaller.

2. People who want to buy a car but don’t have enough budget. Some people really need a car for transportation, but limited by the cash on hand, at this time, China’s second-hand car is your first choice! According to their budget at hand, with he be fond of the brand, choose a suitable used car.

3. People who pay attention to practicality. Practicality is the most important function of a car. If you want to buy a car to meet your daily needs, buying a used car in China is the best choice.

High quality China used car

High-quality China used car

Second-hand car operators need to provide good conditions and reasonable prices so that consumers can buy cars without worry. Therefore, China’s second-hand car manufacturers will strictly select car sources to ensure China’s second-hand cars’ high quality.

Where do Chinese second-hand car dealers get their cars from?

1. Personal car source, the most direct way to get the car source from the personal owner.

2. The vehicle source of car dealers can collect and integrate the vehicles of other car dealers.

3. Second-hand car auction, auction with peers.

4. The 4S store collects the car.

China's second-hand car market

China’s second-hand car market

Under the background of the “Internet plus” era, China’s second-hand car industry is developing faster and faster. China’s high-quality second-hand cars will go abroad to serve overseas consumers.

What are the advantages of second-hand cars in China?

1. Used cars in China are of high quality. To make it easier for overseas consumers to buy Chinese used cars, they must pass strict technical tests to ensure they meet safety, appearance, and performance standards.

2. Adopt different technical means to repair the defects and damages of different degrees and types of used vehicles, fully eliminate the use traces of the original users, even including the peculiar smell brought by the former owners. To ensure that second-hand Chinese vehicles delivered to new overseas customers are in the best condition using internal and external reconditioning.

3. Check the historical repair and maintenance records of the vehicle, the historical accident situation of the vehicle, the authenticity of the vehicle’s representative mileage and other information to reduce the later maintenance costs of foreign customers.

Certified used car

Certified used car

With the continuous expansion of China’s second-hand car exports, it is believed that more and more overseas consumers will choose second-hand cars from China. Because China’s second-hand cars are not only guaranteed in quality but also traded in good faith by Chinese car dealers. Looking forward to your purchase!

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