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Second-hand car, which means “used car,” is called “used motor vehicle” in China. With the increasing trade volume of used cars in China and the increasing environmental protection standards, the Chinese used car export plan has also been put on the agenda.

Now there is a strange phenomenon when buying a car. Some people clearly have the conditions to buy a new car, but their final choice is a used car. It is reasonable to say that the experience of the new car to the owners is far from the used car. So why do these people end up buying used cars? And more than one owner is doing this, and often some people who know the car are more likely to buy a used car. So let’s talk about some of the benefits of used cars today.

Chinese used cars

Chinese used cars

1. The purchase price is low. As a consumer product, automobile devaluation starts from the purchase. After being registered by the public security vehicle administration department, the value of every year of any car is continuously depreciated and devalued, no matter whether the owner of the car uses it or uses it more or less.

2. The hedge ratio is relatively high. The depreciation rate of a second-hand car is decreasing year by year with the long service life. Therefore, for the purpose of short-term use, if a used car is temporarily purchased for use and needs to be sold when it needs to be changed, its loss value will not be too high.

3. Look like a new car. The existing used cars on sale are basically carefully prepared from the outside to the inside. The appearance of most vehicles is like a new car, only the interior has traces of use, but the chemical smell of formaldehyde contained in the interior has basically dissipated.

4. There is no worry about running in the vehicle. To some extent, the service life of the used cars reflects the vehicle’s driving mileage, which plays a decisive role in the vehicle condition. When buying a used car, the choice of age is actually the choice of car condition. If the used car aged 2-3 years is purchased, there is no apparent difference between the car’s condition and the new car on the premise of no structural damage, fire, flooding, and other accidents. It is vital that the car has passed the running-in period and can run freely. That is, this part of the car’s condition has reached the most perfect golden age in the life cycle.

5. Pre-sales vehicle condition inspection. To reflect the honest buying and selling behavior, a considerable part of the existing used vehicles has been tested and certified by a third-party professional vehicle appraisal and evaluation agency before they are sold. The buyer may require pre-sales inspection and certification of the vehicle, or purchase satisfactorily used vehicles at ease according to the inspection and certification results.

6. After-sales configuration warranty. As the service life or driving mileage of the used car has exceeded the warranty period of the whole car, there is a risk of mechanical failure or damage of parts and components in the after-sales use of the used car. Thus, together with relevant property insurance institutions, Chinese dealers have allocated a certain period and conditional quality assurance products to some used cars on sale.

7. Enough maintenance parts. Generally speaking, it will take about 2 years for a new car to go on sale in a certain place to have a complete and sufficient after-sales service of spare parts. Many new cars adopt new technology and new technology. The technology of maintenance technicians also needs a period of adaptation and proficiency. When buying a new car, once it breaks down, it will be difficult to find many parts, but if you buy a used car, you will no longer worry about buying auto parts.

8. You don’t have to be sad to touch it. It’s hard to avoid collision accidents during the use of vehicles. If there is a collision accident after purchasing a used car, you don’t have to be too sad. You can comfort yourself. It’s only a used car, and you can go on the road after repairing it.

Tested by professional appraiserTested by professional appraiser

Tested by a professional appraiser

The above is about the benefits of buying used cars, not used cars or defective products. In recent years, due to the continuous replacement of vehicles, most of the used cars are high-quality cars that have only been used for 2-3 years. In the world of automobiles, there are many consumers of luxury automobile brands.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of life is further enhanced. The previously inaccessible cars have now entered the homes of ordinary people and become an important part of family members. Traffic attendance is inseparable from cars. The global automobile culture is much richer than before. There are countless groups of a car club and car club types, which enriches the vision of the public people’s needs.

More and more car consumers are also more rational to look at used cars. Of course, China will do the following for all used cars:

1.Combination analysis method

2.Mileage method

3.Component identification method

4.Vehicle observation method

5.Comprehensive newness rate method

China’s professional testing, complete testing process, and professional appraiser team have attracted many consumers from all countries to buy used cars.

Nansha automobile terminal of Guangzhou port is exported to Djibouti, Africa by RO shipNansha automobile terminal of Guangzhou port is exported to Djibouti, Africa by RO ship

Nansha automobile terminal of Guangzhou port is exported to Djibouti, Africa by RO ship

All used cars exported from China shall be provided with test reports by the third-party testing agency to ensure the quality and safety of the exported products. Besides, the certification standards of used cars in China shall be further integrated with the international standards. The export process of used cars shall be reduced so that more and more consumers can buy the used cars in China. China is also constantly improving the quality assurance and after-sales service system, to do a good job in the export of used cars After-sales service!

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