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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of life is further strengthened. Cars have entered every family. The popular understanding of second-hand cars is that someone else used the car, do not want it, and then change ownership.

With the passage of time, the growth rate of China’s automobile industry is far beyond imagination. The rapid development of China’s automobile industry makes many foreign automobile enterprises covet it. In the face of China’s automobile market, extravagance, luxury, personalization and youth become the main trend. In terms of car sales, it can reflect the purchasing power of Chinese people. It is common to change new cars in three or five years, which naturally promotes the prosperity of the second-hand car market.

Second hand car market in China

Second hand car market in China

When more and more people choose to buy second-hand cars, what are the benefits of second-hand cars?

1. Second hand car price is cost-effective, with the same money to buy a new car can buy a higher-end second-hand car.

2. If you change cars frequently, you may as well buy second-hand cars to reduce the cost.

3. The high maintenance rate of second-hand cars is due to the fact that the second-hand cars are sold after they are bought, and the “shrinkage” is less. For example, when consumers buy second-hand cars, they don’t have to pay vehicle purchase tax, and when they resell them, they don’t have this part of the loss.

4. Parts are well matched. Generally, second-hand cars are more than two years old. In the later stage, it is more convenient to maintain and beautify the car, and the car parts are more sufficient.

In view of the advantages of second-hand cars, they can not only be economical but also make themselves a family of car owners. There is no difference between them in terms of vehicle performance, so second-hand cars have gradually become the choice of some people. In the near future, China’s used car market will be more mature and standardized.

Accurately evaluate and test each used vehicleAccurately evaluate and test each used vehicle

Accurately evaluate and test each used vehicle

Because we constantly control the export quality and inspection of used cars, the used cars exported by China are widely praised in various countries. Since the opening of China’s second-hand car export in 19 years, China’s second-hand cars have been sold to Nigeria, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Ghana and other countries in Africa.

Guangdong nice car held the first export ceremony of 500 used cars to Africa at Xinsha port company, Guangzhou Port

Guangdong nice car held the first export ceremony of 500 used cars to Africa at Xinsha port company, Guangzhou Port

Of course, you should also pay attention to the following points when purchasing used cars:

1. A simple method to judge whether it is an accident vehicle: measure the size and remove the interior decorative plate.

2. Appearance identification: observe the overall feeling of the vehicle and pay special attention to the symmetry of various joints.

3. Check whether the date of delivery of vehicle glass is consistent with that of the whole vehicle.

4. Interior inspection: check vehicle mileage, fault light and wear degree of steering wheel.
As for how to avoid buying an accident car, if you don’t know a lot about cars, I think you should first find a car dealer with good faith and credibility to choose cars.

Chinese used cars

Why do we choose China’s used cars?

In addition to reasonable price, good vehicle quality and no damage to appearance need your attention when purchasing second-hand cars. Perfect service will bring you great convenience. China’s second-hand cars will provide customers with complete after-sales service and 24-hour service hotline every day. When you purchase a second-hand car in China, you can apply for a car return within 7 days if you meet the applicable conditions for 7 days without reason. In order to ensure the safety of your car, China’s second-hand car provides you with a 30 day comprehensive warranty service. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you!

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