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In recent years, the Chinese used car industry has developed rapidly. The second spring of the used car industry is coming. More people are willing to choose to buy used cars. At present, China’s car ownership is the second in the world, second only to the United States, and its car production and sales are the first in the world, while the trading volume of second-hand cars will become the first soon.

What is the development trend of the Chinese used car export industry?

1. China’s car ownership continues to grow rapidly, promoting the development of second-hand car trading. In 2017, China’s automobile production and sales volume reached a new high, which has been the world’s first for nine consecutive years.

Chinese used cars

2. There are many kinds of used cars in China, low-cost used cars account for a relatively high proportion, and the quality of car sources continues to improve. Improve the level of vehicle research and development and manufacturing, improve the use of road facilities and maintenance, and promote vehicle source quality improvement.

Chinese used cars

3. China has many medium and high-end vehicles exported to Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and other countries with advantages such as the old Japanese, German, Korean and independent brands. The most advantageous is the large and medium-sized buses. The demand for used cars in African countries will have a good prospect.

Of course, not all vehicles can be exported to other countries. At this stage, relevant departments carry out the screening and certification work of used car export enterprises, requiring the third-party testing agency to produce reasonable and compliant testing reports to ensure the quality and safety of export products.

Chinese used cars

Why choose Chinese used cars?

1. Supply advantage: Chinese used car trading scale continues to grow, with a complete used car export process and testing institutions. There are a large number of replacement vehicles to eliminate low emission and new energy vehicles.

2. Model advantages: China has the richest brands and models in the world.

3. Energy-saving advantages: Compared with American cars, it is more energy-saving.

4. Advantages of parts: The price of Chinese auto parts is relatively low compared with that of foreign countries, and the maintenance cost is low.

Give full play to the scale, capital, and technology advantages of Chinese used car e-commerce, and realize the “upgrading and maintenance competition” of the global second-hand car trade. In this regard, the Chinese used car industry has a certain late development advantage but also needs to integrate industry resources and jointly develop the global market.

The export of Chinese used carsThe export of Chinese used cars

The export of Chinese used cars

Chinese used car service:

Realize the “ID card” standard of China’s second-hand car export from the source, realize the whole industry chain data from the source to the after-sale, establish a complete set of professional standards. Use the blockchain technology, develop the competitive advantage of the Chinese used car export, and then make good use of the scale support to establish the brand advantage step by step. Integrated services such as standardization of vehicle sources, localization of sales, systematization of parts, and specialization of after-sales will realize the “good car” brand of used cars in China.

Chinese used car enterprises have experienced more than 30 years of industrial changes in the United States and Japan for more than 60 years, among which there are various differences in Chinese characteristics. Entrepreneurs growing up in constant competition gradually have a more innovative spirit and a bold way to explore.

Export is an essential indicator of a country’s economic development. As the third-largest international trade product in the world, automobile not only represents the development of an industry but also can promote national economic growth, increase fiscal revenue, provide more employment opportunities and stabilize the balance of payments.

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