Common used car inspection problems and inspection methods

Compared with the new cars at a high price, the low cost of used cars attracts many people. Used cars are very affordable, but there are many problems to be aware of. Unlike new cars, the quality of second-hand cars in different channels also differs. Some bad car dealers will cheat consumers with problem vehicles such as accident cars and soaked water cars. Therefore, when buying second-hand cars, we must pay attention to check whether there is a problem with the vehicle.

Structural security issues:

This kind of problem will directly affect the use of the safety of the vehicle. Although some friends think that the probability of this kind of problem is tiny, it does not mean that there is no such problem. Once you buy this kind of vehicle, the safety risk is enormous.

  1. Replace the girder for welding or repair the vehicle accident.

Check whether there are any marks of cutting and welding on the girder, mainly through the comparison of the left and right sides, to see if there are any marks of knocking and repairing.

  1. There are repair and welding marks on the chassis.

No matter what type of car you buy, be sure to lift it up and look at the chassis. Lift the vehicle through lifting equipment, check the condition at the bottom of the vehicle, pay attention to whether there are knock repair, assembly, and welding traces, and observe the chassis’ wear degree.

  1. There was a rear-end collision in the trunk, which has been restored through repair.

Open the trunk, check whether there are paint marks on the edge of the trunk, uncover the floor of the trunk, check whether there are repair marks in the spare wheel pit, the use of the spare wheel, and whether the vehicle tools are complete.

General functional issues:

These problems will not affect the safety of the use of vehicles but will increase the cost of a later stage.

  1. There is a large area of oil leakage on the engine surface.

Start the vehicle for a while, you can see the ground under the car chassis, and observe whether there are water, oil, and other leakages. In general, except for the water drop in the exhaust pipe and air conditioner, there should be no water and oil leakage in other parts.

  1. The engine and chassis are abnormal during the test drive.

During the test drive, drive the vehicle through the speed bump. At this time, pay attention to the vehicle’s abnormal sound and confirm the source of the abnormal sound. At the same time, check whether the rotation speed is normal, whether the engine shakes abnormally, whether the engine oil burns, and whether the brake is normal.

  1. Paint marks.

It is better to observe the surface of the vehicle under the sunlight. First, observe from the front left 45 degrees of the vehicle, observe whether the paint line is smooth through the reflection of the light, and then observe from the rear right 45 degrees, in the same way, to see whether the paint is integrated without a color difference.

  1. The detection method of interior decoration

Determine the driving mileage of the vehicle by checking the wear degree of the interior trim panel, leather, accelerator, and other pedals, steering wheel and handbrake, and pay attention to whether the equipment in the vehicle is working normally, whether the vehicle instrument is normal and check the mileage.

  1. Test electrical wiring

Open the nozzle of the wiper to see if the glass water can be sprayed, and start the wiper to see if the glass water can be hung clean. Test whether the four-door window is opened, the central lock and the sunroof are opened smoothly and tightly, and lighting, cigarette lighter, audio, and other electrical lines can operate normally. In particular, the cold and hot air conditioning is often neglected by everyone, and it is usually only to test the cold air conditioning rather than the hot air conditioning.

So when is the best time to check the car? The best time to review the vehicle is in sunny weather, not in cloudy or rainy days, to watch the car at night, to more easily observe the car condition, and find out the details. I hope you can learn more about second-hand car knowledge, buy a satisfactory second-hand car!