Give you some tips on how to choose a good used car

Nowadays, cars have entered thousands of households, but the high price of new cars has deterred some less affluent friends. Consider a cheap and affordable used car at this time.

Second-hand cars don’t have the same standard as new cars, they always have one or another small problem, so the price of second-hand cars with the same model and the same age will be different. Besides, some unscrupulous businesses that renovate cars with poor conditions, such as accident cars and wading cars, to sell seconds at best quality prices and cheat consumers.

  1. Understand the driving years of used cars

As we all know, the longer the driving life of a car is, the more serious the wear and aging of various parts will be, and the performance of the car will be degraded in all aspects. The second-hand car with a short service life is less worn, and the purchase time of this kind of car is short. Most of its former owners will drive carefully and maintain carefully, so the probability of accidents is small, generally speaking, the car condition will be better.

  1. Check the odometer

Mileage is a necessary standard to measure the degree of automobile depreciation. The mileage of the vehicle is in direct proportion to the degree of wear of the internal parts. The higher the mileage, the higher the degree of wear of the parts. When buying a used car, you should pay attention to the odometer of the car. The mileage difference of tens of thousands of kilometers may have little impact on the car’s performance, but it has a great impact on the price. Private cars usually travel about 10000 or 20000 kilometers a year. At this time, they can be calculated together with the car’s age to avoid the unscrupulous businessmen lowering the odometer to make more money and cheat customers.

  1. Observe the appearance of paint

First, observe whether there is an obvious color difference in the sunshine, and then see whether there are any dirty spots such as flying paint and hanging paint to judge whether they have a metal plate and spray paint, only when there is a big or small accident can metal plate and paint be painted. It doesn’t matter if there is a small scratch. If there is a large area, it means that the accident is relatively severe. This kind of used car should not be purchased.

If we encounter a used car with dark color and hard to observe, we can also touch it by hand. Normally, the paint surface of the original factory is relatively smooth. If it feels dry, astringent, and frosted, it is basically painted.

  1. Check the internal equipment of the car

(1) Check whether the function key switches and display lights of the instrument panel and steering wheel are in good condition, and observe whether the door glass is sealed and can rise and fall freely and whether the seat slides smoothly back and forth.

(2) Observe the appearance of the engine for signs of oil and water leakage. Ignite the engine, listen to whether the sound of engine running is clear and loud, and increase the throttle to see whether the engine is running smoothly without abnormal shaking. You can also observe the color of the exhaust gas. If it is translucent light gray, it means that the engine is in good condition. If it is black, it means that the engine has not been adjusted properly. If it is blue, it means that the engine is very tired. If it is white, it means that the cylinder gasket will be scrapped.

(3) Test the suspension system. The shock absorber belongs to the chassis suspension system. If there is a problem with it, the vehicle’s comfort and stability will be greatly reduced, and the passengers in the vehicle will feel bumpy and uncomfortable. During the test, you can press down on the front, back, right, and left corners of the car. If the car body can bounce back and jump freely for two or three times after relaxation, it indicates that the system is normal. During the test drive, when the vehicle runs at a low speed, step on several feet of the emergency brake. If the front of the vehicle leans forward badly, there is a problem with the shock absorber.

When buying a used car, be sure not to be cheap or too trusting of others’ claims. Be sure to observe, experience, shop around, and make a careful decision to find a car that fits your budget and is in good condition and comfortable to drive.