How to judge the condition of second-hand car?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a car when they go out. It is convenient for them to go out by car because it is fast and is not afraid of the wind and the sun. They can go wherever they want. And because of the used-car affordable, cost-effective has been more and more popular favor. Even among our friends, we can see that many of them are buying used cars.

Why are more and more people buying used cars?

1. Consumers began to spend wisely. That’s because used cars are much cheaper than new ones, and they depreciate much more slowly than new ones. So, a lot of friends are to see the advantage of the high-cost performance of second-hand cars.

2. Used cars depreciate at a low rate. If you buy a second-hand car, you can still sell it at a good price after driving for a while, and you won’t lose much money in total. And if you spend a lot of money on a new car, the rate of decline is really visible to the naked eye, because the new car is constantly depreciating.

3. Second-hand car trading is becoming more standardized and professional. The rise of used-car appraisers has brought a large number of used-car appraisers into the used-car market. They can make an accurate valuation of the vehicle in the used-car transaction, improve the trust between buyers and sellers, and make the used-car transaction transparent.

4.The development of second-hand car e-commerce. The establishment of a complete integrity trading platform makes the vehicle information open, standardized after-sales service, and the quality of second-hand cars more guaranteed.

Used car in China

There is an essential difference between evaluating a used car and evaluating a new car. The new vehicle pays more attention to the comprehensive performance, while the used car is mainly about the car’s condition.

So, the condition of the second-hand car mainly from which three points to see?

1.The engine

The engine is the heart of the car, and the car is the most core component, so it is the part to determine the car condition most, so when the judge cars, the first thing to start from the engine. If you have the conditions, you might compare more cars, pick out a few cars with fewer kilometers to test drive, and then give the corresponding judgment. It’s better to bring a senior used car appraiser, which will be safer and not easy to be fooled.

The engine

2.Car body structure

The car body structure is often referred to as the car structure. The car structure determines whether the car is an accident car. If the structure is damaged and repaired again, it will greatly impact the later stage of the car. When the car is in an accident again, the damaged parts can not bear the impact, which has a severe threat to the driver’s safety. So if it hurts the skeleton of the car, even if the price is lower, don’t buy it, because, in the later stage of car use, it will seriously affect the vehicle’s safety performance and suffer a lot from being greedy and cheap.

Car body structure

3.Electronic components and wiring harness

After driving for a while, there will inevitably be some problems leading to vehicle failure, most of which are electronic components and harness modules. From this module, we can see some minor issues of the vehicle, such as oil failure and handbrake failure, and so on. Besides, we should also care about the aging degree of the wiring harness and whether it is soaked in water. If we don’t pay attention to these problems, it will cause spontaneous combustion of the vehicle and pose a hidden danger to our driving safety.

cockpit interiors

When buying a used car, is it better to buy a car with a high-value preservation ratio or a low-value preservation ratio?

All along, the issue has been a matter of debate. Cars with low warranty are generally cheaper and more cost-effective. The car with a high insurance rate, relatively high price, basically need not worry about selling condition.

Generally speaking, the second-hand car with high preservation rate is indeed a little better, because the price is too high, it may not be suitable to buy. And the car with a low guarantee rate is not necessarily bad, if you choose the right model, the cost performance will be very high. The key is to decide what type of second-hand car to buy based on the length of time you have used it and the current economic conditions.