How to maintain a used car after buying it?

With the change of consumption concept and the constant standardization of the second-hand car market, more and more people choose to buy second-hand cars, which makes the transaction volume of second-hand cars increase steadily. But don’t think you’ll be all right after you buy a used car and drive it home. The situation is different for every used car. We don’t know what maintenance has been done to this car before, and whether there are any missing safety links. So it’s better to drive the car to the maintenance shop for a comprehensive inspection as soon as possible after buying the car. We can’t be careless about the places that need maintenance and replacement.

The maintenance of second-hand cars generally starts from the following aspects:

1 Clean and change the oil filter and other fluids

The engine oil filter is a routine item of used car maintenance. The engine oil is the blood flowing in the car, which can play lubrication, cleaning, sealing, rust prevention, and cooling. The quality of the engine oil will directly affect the state of the engine. Therefore, it is crucial to check and replace the engine filter and the engine oil grid.

In addition to cleaning the oil and filter, we also have to check the brake oil, transmission oil, water tank cooling water, and other liquids, if there are dust and oil stains in the oil, replace them as soon as possible. The service life of transmission oil is about 40,000km ~ 80,000km. If it reaches this mileage, the transmission oil should be replaced in time. Besides, the brake oil has strong water absorption, which will lead to the decrease of braking force after a long time, thus affecting the braking performance, so it is better to change the brake oil twice a year.

2 Check tire performance

The importance of tires to safety does not need to be emphasized. Once the service life or severe wear and aging occurs, they must be replaced in time. If the second-hand car has been used for several years, it is necessary to check the production date and wear the tires’ degree. Although some tires look very new and have deep patterns, the rubber has hardened and lost grip. When many car owners sell their cars, they will not replace the tires as long as the tires are not too worn out. Therefore, if the used tires are found to be worn out severely or the tire rubber has hardened, and the ability to grasp the ground is significantly reduced, they must replace the new tires before going on the road. Generally speaking, the tire can be replaced after more than 5 years of use.

3 Check and replace the engine timing belt

The engine timing belt is a vital power transmission part of an automobile engine because rubber products are natural to aging. If there is a fracture or slip, it will seriously affect the power output of automobiles. If the second-hand car you bought has run more than 70000 kilometers or more than 5 years, you should check the engine timing belt. If there are uneven thickness, cracks, and fluffing, it indicates that the wear is severe. It is recommended to replace the new engine timing belt, and at the same time, it is better to replace the water pump and belt.

Timing belt                                                                                                                        pump

4 Check and maintain spark plugs

Whether the spark plug of the ignition system is in excellent condition directly determines whether the engine starts smoothly. Based on past experience, spark plugs have to be replaced after a driving distance of more than 30,000 kilometers. If the spark plug is not replaced in time, the aging spark plug will produce carbon accumulation, resulting in increased engine fuel consumption. And the spark plug gap will also cause difficulties in starting the engine. If you are not sure whether the spark plug of the second-hand car you just bought is aging, it is best to remove the spark plug and observe carefully to see if there are blackening, carbon deposits, cracks, abnormal scars, and electrode melting. On the electrode side of the spark plug, replace the spark plug in time.

5 Clean the inside of the car

In the long-term use of the car, a large amount of smoke, sweat, and dust is accumulated, in a relatively humid environment, it will produce the unpleasant smell and breed a lot of bacteria. You can thoroughly remove the stains on the air conditioning vents, seats, interior trim, and other corners using dust collection, steam disinfection, negative ion air purification, etc. Disinfect the console, door, and other departments with the cleaning agent, and remove the stains, peculiar smell, and bacteria in the car as much as possible.

6 Maintenance battery

Check the production date of the battery and the status of the display screen. If you find that the sound is weak or the light is dim when starting the engine, it is a warning sign of battery exhaustion. It is better to replace the battery as soon as possible. The automobile circuit is divided into a low-voltage circuit and a high-voltage circuit. See whether the circuit is burned or destroyed, whether there is poor contact, and pay attention to the condition of fuse.

The second-hand car for the maintenance of the above does not mean that there is no problem, you should also pay attention to the changes in cars when driving. If you find any issues, you should deal with them in time.