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In recent years, China’s automobile industry has been maturing and improving. With the improvement of living conditions and the economy, many families have owned private cars, and many commercial vehicles have been upgraded. Therefore, China’s second-hand car market is gradually saturated, with a large stock of second-hand cars, accelerating the depreciation of vehicles, and reducing the cost of second-hand cars, which brings opportunities to China’s second-hand car export.

In 2019, Shanghai became one of the first provinces and cities in China to carry out the export business of second-hand cars. Although it is in the primary stage of exploration and development, Shanghai has a developed economy, a large stock of second-hand cars, and fast update speed, with great export potential.

Why do more and more people choose to buy used cars in Shanghai?

First of all, the price is much lower. Second-hand cars do not need to pay a new car purchase tax, plus the annual depreciation cost. Finally, it may cost more than half less than the same new car. If you want to buy a high-end car, but the current economic level is not enough to bear the cost of a new car, you can consider buying a used car in good condition.

Secondly, for some “road novices” and people who don’t often drive, their driving skills may not be very skilled. If a new car is bumped, the maintenance cost is a significant expense. If there are bumps and bumps when buying a new car, the maintenance cost is expensive. For a second-hand car, as long as it does not affect the driver’s normal driving, it will not hurt too much if there is a scratch. It can have a spray painting maintenance after a long time.

Besides, the depreciation rate of the used car is much lower than the new car, if you want to replace it after a while, there will not be too much economic loss, economical and cost-effective.

Shanghai used cars

As long as the quality of used cars is guaranteed and the follow-up service is up-to-date, there are fewer failures, excellent performance, and value for money. I believe that more and more people will be willing to buy used cars.

The advantages of second-hand cars in Shanghai are obvious:

1. The stock of used cars is rich. Shanghai is China’s financial and trade center, with rapid economic development and rapid vehicle renewal. Shanghai’s second-hand vehicles include imported vehicles, domestic vehicles, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc., with prices ranging from tens of thousands to millions or even tens of millions, which can fully meet the needs of different consumer groups.

2. Export procedures are constantly standardized and simplified. In the export process, the handling time of vehicle transfer, inspection, application for an export license, customs declaration, and other links shall not exceed 2 days. The overall connection is smooth and efficient.

3. Chinese enterprises operate in good faith, continuously improve overseas after-sales service, and the third-party testing agency issues testing reports to ensure the quality of second-hand car exports.

The value of a second-hand car is based on the comprehensive analysis of the car’s age, maintenance level, and performance. Therefore, when buying a second-hand car, you can’t be greedy for cheap. You must fully understand the relevant information about the car before you buy it.

Pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing used cars in Shanghai:

1. Do not purchase vehicles with delivery time and mileage close to or exceeding the national mandatory scrapping standard.

2. Carefully inspect the paint of the whole car, check whether the gap between the front cover, the door, and the surrounding frame is even and whether the door can be opened flexibly.

3. Check vehicle accessories like battery, wiper, tire, oil, and other consumables to see if they are aging.

4. Check whether there are any patch marks in the engine room and the bottom edge of the car, to avoid buying an accident refurbished car.

5. Get on the car and sit well, put your hands on the steering wheel, and check the clutch, accelerator, and brake pedal. All kinds of instruments on the instrument panel shall be complete and effective, the pictographic pattern can be accurately understood and easy to identify. The seat surface shall be clean and intact without damage or scratch. The seat adjustment system is normal and accurate.

During the test run, you can also call on a few friends familiar with the car’s performance and have a rich driving experience to fully understand all aspects of the second-hand car and choose a second-hand car that suits you.

Export status of used cars:

On July 25, 2019, 40 second-hand cars set out from Chengdu international railway port and were transported to Cambodia by ship through the Qinzhou port of Guangxi via sea rail intermodal transportation. The total value of the second-hand cars exported in this batch is about 500000 dollars, covering 11 car lines of nine brands, including Toyota Vicki, Toyota bully, Nissan Bluebird, Suzuki Beidou star, Buick GL8, Suzuki Swift, etc.

Second hand car starts from Chengdu

The second-hand car starts from Chengdu

On September 15, 2019, 10 second-hand commercial vehicles of Beijing Ohao Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. were shipped from Tianjin port to Nigeria. These 10 second-hand commercial vehicles include Zhongtong, Jinlong, Huizhong, Yutong, Jinlv, Oman, and other independent brand buses, with a total of about 300000 yuan.

Beijing's first batch of second-hand commercial vehicle exports

Beijing’s first batch of second-hand commercial vehicle exports

On January 1, 2020, under the supervision of Huangdao customs, 366 second-hand cars took the “Geneva Lake” car roll-on-roll-off ship out of the country to Djibouti port in Africa, which is the first batch of second-hand car roll-on-roll-off ship exports in Shandong.

The second-hand car is going to Djibouti port in Africa

The second-hand car is going to Djibouti port in Africa

Shanghai Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Leiyin Auto Service Co., Ltd. are among the first five enterprises to develop used car export business and are also actively engaged in the acquisition and sale of used cars. I believe that shortly, we will see used cars from all over the world in Shanghai. Shanghai’s used cars are worth your trust!

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