The significance and method of second-hand car evaluation (2)

Used car evaluation refers to the assessment of the used car by the personnel engaged in evaluating the technical status and value of the used car to determine the resale price of the car. The evaluation is generally based on the car’s purchase age, the driving distance of the car, the appearance of the car, the interior decoration, and the main components.

China’s second-hand car evaluation methods are generally divided into online evaluation and on-site evaluation.

The online evaluation of the second-hand car evaluation method is the basic second-hand car evaluation pricing method. It is generally evaluated through the online second-hand car evaluation system in China’s second-hand car trading platform.

However, the online evaluation of second-hand cars was not paid attention to before and only played a certain reference value. There was a certain difference between the online evaluation of second-hand cars and the real transaction price. Therefore, to evaluate Chinese used cars more scientifically and accurately, we combined the real transaction data of corresponding models, regular maintenance and accident claims, and other factors. Valuations of the immediate market value and fair value of used cars in China are clearly becoming more reasonable.

The on-site evaluation of China’s second-hand car evaluation method is based on the online assessment to further evaluate and price the specific vehicle condition, which requires the evaluator to have a precise professional understanding of the model and vehicle function. A general assessment of the vehicle needs to see the car paint level, color, car glass, lights, vehicle gaps, and other external conditions to judge the vehicle’s overall integrity. Simultaneously, through the engine, water tank, and other internal parts to assess whether there is a severe accident.

China’s second-hand car on-site evaluation method has high requirements for the appraisers, so professional second-hand car appraisers are needed. The second-hand car stores of such brands as Audi, Benz, and General Motors are fully monitored by hundreds of professional inspection items.

So you don’t have to worry about the quality of second-hand cars exported from China, we will strictly control the quality of second-hand cars, to meet the needs of customers to meet the details, customer demand is our goal!

Used car evaluation

Of course, when evaluating vehicles, we should also pay attention to the following:

  1. Auto parts are also important

Auto parts information also has a particular impact on the price of second-hand cars. For example, the supply and price of parts, the repair and maintenance costs of vehicles, and other information affect the price of second-hand cars more or less. Especially for some cars with high repair and maintenance costs, hard to find parts and high prices, which are difficult to sell in the second-hand car market, and the price is relatively low. For those mass parts, the maintenance cost is relatively low, so sales are not a problem.

It should be noted here that in the trading process of second-hand cars, the so-called high match does not bring a higher premium to second-hand cars. If the difference between high match and the low match is tens of thousands of new cars, the difference between high match and the low match is not big, so the price will be more inclined to low match.

  1. The influence of market conditions cannot be ignored.

In the process of second-hand car trading, it should also thoroughly consider the influence of the second-hand car market. For vehicles with high demand in the market, they must have advantages in terms of vehicle condition and price. At this time, as an appraiser, we should fully consider the market situation and have some understanding of the market before we can give a reasonable used car evaluation price.

  1. Consumer psychology

When dealing with second-hand cars, consumers’ consumption psychology and purchasing psychology should be fully considered. Consumers’ preferences, don’t recommend some models that consumers don’t like, which will cause a crisis of confidence among consumers. Therefore, second-hand car appraisers should fully consider the purchasing psychology of consumers.

  1. Assessment of discontinued used cars

Generally speaking, second-hand car valuation should have the same new car price as a reference, with the new car price, according to the use of the old car and the use of the situation to discount. When evaluating a discontinued vehicle, you need to find a vehicle that can be used as a reference. You can find a new vehicle price that belongs to the same level as the vehicle for reference.

China’s second-hand car suppliers are committed to the detection, evaluation and other safety issues of second-hand cars, and eliminate significant problems for customers in advance: major collision accident cars, cars soaked in water, burning cars, etc., we have a qualified certification team, standardized testing, selected sources of certificated vehicles, so that consumers can buy at ease!