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Choosing a new car or a used car is a problem that puzzles many consumers. New cars not only sell at a high price but also lose money quickly. Many people will choose to buy a used car because of their insufficient budget. Chinese used cars have certain advantages in price, and they don’t have to pay purchase tax, so people can enjoy the experience of exceeding the grade with less money.

The price trend of used cars in China?

From 2018 to now, the price of used cars in China as a whole has shown a downward trend, up to 16%. Among them, the decline in 2018 years was higher, more than 10%.

Chinese used car price index

Chinese used car price index

China continues to optimize the export of used cars. Inspired by various conditions such as price, policy, process, and resources, it is believed that overseas consumers will increasingly favor Chinese used cars.

What are the price and performance advantages of Chinese used cars?

1. Chinese used cars are affordable. Used cars in China are generally much cheaper than new cars because of depreciation and no purchase tax. Compared with the used car, the price of the new car of the same brand and model may differ by several thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan, so it is very cost-effective to choose the used car in China.

2. The discount rate of used cars in China is low. Generally speaking, a new car will depreciate by 20% in one year, 35% in two years, 50% in three years, and the higher the discount rate is, the higher the discount rate is. In contrast, the discount rate for used cars will be relatively low.

3. With the same amount of car models, you can buy a used car in China with a higher grade than a new car. The biggest advantage of Chinese used cars is the price. With the same price, you can buy Chinese used car models with higher configuration, higher level or even higher-end brands, and also enjoy a higher level of driving experience and experience than new cars.

4. Chinese used cars to have the advantages of the model, supply, energy-saving, and accessories. The third-party inspection agency shall issue the inspection report to ensure the quality and safety of Chinese used car export products.

Export of Chinese used cars

Export of Chinese used cars

As a new channel for China’s second-hand car export, Chinese good cars have a perfect export system, which can truly provide overseas consumers with used cars with quality assurance and price advantage.

Chinese used cars export development status:

Taking the Zhongbei automobile as an example, in July 2019, the first batch of commercial used cars of Zhongbei automobiles successfully went out of customs and successfully sold Chinese used cars to Africa. By the end of March 2020, it has been exported to Nigeria, Djibouti, Benin, and other countries, and will establish a complete sales and after-sales service system to standardize, systematize and large-scale export domestic used cars to Africa and overseas countries laid the foundation

Export of Chinese used carsExport of Chinese used cars

Export of Chinese used cars

Chinese used cars to go abroad, which solves the problem of many foreign friends’ buying cars. It can make Chinese used car better serve overseas consumers.

Chinese used car export service:

1. Excellent and honest Chinese used car dealers to pay attention to and meet the needs of consumers and can provide Chinese used cars with guaranteed quality.

2. Use overseas cooperation outlets to provide high-quality spare parts supply for overseas customers.

3. Provide spare parts manual and maintenance manual in a foreign language.

4. Standardized and specialized used car valuation, trading, and information service platforms ensure the safety of the Chinese export of used cars.

Since the Chinese used car export, new policies have been introduced to remove obstacles for Chinese used car export. Chinese used car manufacturers have been working hard to provide you with high-quality and low-cost used cars in China. We look forward to your choice!

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