Used Cars For Sale In China For Export

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With the popularization of means of transportation, more and more families have their own cars. Some people choose to go to the 4S shop to buy brand-new cars, some choose to buy used cars, so what is used cars?

Second-hand cars, which literally means “the used cars” or “cars used by others,” refer to the motor vehicles registered with the public security traffic management organs that can continue to be used until they meet the national scrapping standards.

Why do people choose to buy used cars in China?

Low price is a major feature of second-hand cars in China. For people with poor economic ability, it is better to buy the car they like with less budget or to buy a second-hand car with better brand and performance with the same money to buy a new car.

Secondly, for the novice who just learned how to drive, he has just got his driver’s license, but he is still not good at it, so he will inevitably scrape and bump on the road. If it’s a new car, he will have to paint and maintain it once he bumps. It’s not a small sum of money, but for the second-hand car, even if he has a small bump, he won’t be overly distressed. So, the novice might as well buy a second-hand car to practice.

Besides, as long as you buy and register any car, no matter how much you use, its value is declining every year. The depreciation rate of a second-hand car is low, and the loss is small, which can save the cost of new car purchase tax and greatly reduce the travel cost.

Used cars for sale in china for export

Therefore, it is a wise choice for many ordinary people to purchase second-hand cars in China economically and practically, and the quality of second-hand cars exported is guaranteed. They have not submerged cars, burning cars, accident cars, and so on, you can definitely buy them at ease.

What are the characteristics of used cars in China worth buying?

1. There are a lot of second-hand cars in China. At present, there are nearly 14 million second-hand cars in the Chinese market. The source of supply is guaranteed.

2. China’s second-hand car brands and models are the most abundant. Imported or domestic cars, fuel vehicles, or new energy vehicles, from millions yuan of luxury cars to thousands of yuan of discontinued cars, are all available. Export overseas can meet the needs of different groups of people and realize the use of everything.

3. At present, China implements the national six emission standards, one of the most stringent standards for controlling the emission of automobile pollutants in the world. The second-hand cars exported from China can meet the emission requirements of most countries.

4. The price of auto parts in China is relatively low compared with that in foreign countries, the maintenance cost is low, and the supply chain of spare parts is good.

5. The Chinese government strengthens the supervision of export automobiles. The third-party inspection agency issues the inspection report to ensure the quality and safety of second-hand export automobiles and optimize the overseas after-sales service. Besides, from May 1, 2020, the sales of used cars will be reduced by 0.5% of the value-added tax, and the tax burden of the used car industry will be diminished, so the export price of used cars is bound to be reduced, and the purchase cost of overseas customers can be reduced.

Used cars for sale in china for export

The export of second-hand cars in China has solved the problem of many foreign friends buying cars. With the support of national policies, more foreign friends choose to buy second-hand cars exported from China. To better serve consumers, all exported second-hand cars in China will pass a complete set of testing procedures to ensure the quality of each exported second-hand car, and strictly do a good after-sales service guarantee.

Export of used cars in China:

China actively and steadily carries out the export business of second-hand cars, further promotes the implementation of the policy of abolishing the restrictions on the transfer of second-hand cars, and promotes the free circulation of second-hand cars. Actively build a cross-border e-commerce platform for second-hand cars, using the Internet, big data, Internet of things, blockchain, and other technical means. Then face the whole country, connect with the world, establish an online and offline integration, a national-level international used car trade, and export service demonstration platform.

A total of 75 second-hand cars are transported for export at the Qingdao second-hand car export headquarters in the Qianwan port of Qingdao, east China’s Shandong province, March 31, 2020. This is the novel coronavirus outbreak, the first time in China province to realize the export of bulk second-hand cars.

China exports used cars to NigeriaChina exports used cars to Nigeria

China exports used cars to Nigeria

This batch of used cars includes 23 passenger cars, 17 commercial buses, 25 commercial trucks, and 10 commercial trailers, covering FAW Volkswagen, SINOTRUK, SHAANXI, and other brands, with a total value of 1.7 million yuan. According to the shipping schedule, the vehicles will arrive at APAPA port, Nigeria, Africa, on May 31, after shipment at Qingdao port.

Although China’s second-hand car export started late, with the government and enterprises’ joint efforts, the government simplified the registration procedures of second-hand car export transfer and relaxed the license. Reduced the value-added tax on second-hand cars, objectively assessed the enterprises, standardized the transactions, improved after-sales services, constantly improved the second-hand car export system, established overseas marketing network, and formed a large-scale export. I believe that more and more people will choose to buy used cars in China in the future!

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