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With the improvement of living standards, cars are more and more popular in every family. When you choose to buy a car, do you want to purchase automatic or manual gear? Is it a car or an SUV? Is it a new car or a used one? These problems have become the direction of the discussion, so today we will discuss buying used cars.

High quality used cars in ChinaHigh quality used cars in China

High quality used cars in China

The benefits of second-hand cars sold in China are unmatched by many new cars:

The first advantage is not afraid of bumping and scraping. If you are not experienced driving, you can use a second-hand car to get familiar with the operation.

The second advantage is that there is no car tax. When you buy a new car, you will pay a 10 percent tax.

The third advantage is that depreciation is slow. Although the second-hand car has been driven by people, its parts and functions are intact, but the price is nearly half lower.

The fourth advantage is a wide range of options. If the budget is not sufficient, when choosing a new car, there are often many restrictions, such as brand, model, and so on, which may not be satisfactory. But the price of second-hand cars is low, making it possible for all kinds of brands and models. In this way, there is a wide range of choices, and it is easy to buy the most favorite cars.

The fifth advantage is high-value preservation. There is a saying that “20% discount for new car reselling”, the maintenance rate is decreasing with the increase of years, so the maintenance rate of a second-hand car is very high.

The sixth advantage is complete accessories.

Based on the above points, if you are buying the first car, the capital is not particularly sufficient. The budget is not particularly high, in fact, buying a second-hand car is more valuable and cost-effective.

China's first export of used cars

China’s first export of used cars

Of course, when buying a car, everyone’s concerns are always different. Is it better to have as many safety features as possible? What configuration is required? Is there enough security configuration in the car now? What are ABS, EBD, ESP, ASR, TCS, EDS? What does it do? For this reason, when purchasing used cars, we will give you the following suggestions:

1. Check whether the formalities of a used car are complete and cannot be transferred if the formalities are incomplete. Some buyers choose to buy some second-hand cars with incomplete procedures and no transfer for the sake of cheapness, which will not only cause trouble for the buyers but also to the sellers.

2. Check the sub-page of the driver’s license to determine whether the vehicle is subject to annual inspection usually because if there is no annual inspection, the transfer formalities cannot be handled.

3. Check whether there is an exhaust emission certificate. If not, the next time the vehicle fails to meet the standard, a fine will be imposed, which will cause loss to the buyer.

4. The new car has the best value preservation in 3 years, and it will fall rapidly after 5 years.

Second hand car maintenance rate curve

Second-hand car maintenance rate curve

5. There are great differences in the prices of different brands, models, displacement, and quantity of products.

6. The last one is market share. The models with high shares are easier to circulate and maintain.

Popular used cars in ChinaPopular used cars in China

Popular used cars in China

For all used cars exported from China, we must do an excellent job in the process of used car testing, servicing, logistics, after-sales, and so on. There is a set of strict testing and service specifications. Let consumers purchase second-hand cars, do not have to force themselves into auto experts, do not worry about fraud traps, and enjoy better services.

If you have the idea of buying a car recently or have any questions about a used car, you can call us for consultation. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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