Used Cars For Sale In Guangzhou China

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With the continuous upgrading of automobile enterprises, more and more people are replacing new cars, so a large number of used cars appear in the automobile market. Second-hand cars, as the name implies, are used cars, including “used cars” that have been used for five or six years or more, have driven tens or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers or hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and “quasi-new cars” that may only be used for one or two years and have run hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

Used cars for sale in guangzhou china

Many private cars in China have entered the peak period of replacement, which provides a huge source of goods for the export market of used cars. Although China’s second-hand car export is still in its infancy, its export potential is vast, especially Guangzhou, as China’s foreign trade center, has a unique geographical advantage, so it is very convenient to export second-hand cars.

What are the advantages of second-hand cars in China?

The biggest selling point of second-hand cars is their low price. Compared with new cars, second-hand cars may be cheaper by more than half or even more, and there is no need to pay a high vehicle purchase tax, which greatly reduces the cost of buying cars so that people with poor economic conditions can also drive their own cars. In addition, second-hand cars do not need to have a longer run-in period like new cars.

The supply chain of used car parts in China is complete, so it will not happen that the parts cannot be found when repairing the car. Besides, the low price of auto parts can reduce the maintenance cost.

Besides, Chinese enterprises are constantly strengthening the after-sales service of second-hand car export, improving overseas customers’ car-buying experience to reduce your worries.

So what kind of people are used cars most suitable for?

1. People with an insufficient budget. Compared with the same new car, the price of second-hand cars is much lower. If you want to choose a car with good performance, appearance, and a relatively low price, you should select the second-hand car.

2. The novice who just got his license. They are not very familiar with driving technology and traffic rules, so it is inevitable to bump. It must be very painful to bump a new car. At this time, it is good to buy a used car to practice and be familiar with traffic rules. And a cheap second-hand car can reduce many maintenance costs, and there won’t be too much loss if you want to sell it again later.

3.People who think cars are just a means of transportation. They don’t care about the brand and performance. They want to buy a car for the needs of work or family travel, as long as the car is in good condition, easy to follow-up maintenance, can keep out the wind and rain, and ensure the convenience of travel. Then for this kind of person, the used car is the most cost-effective choice.

4. People who change cars frequently. Some people like to experience different models. They like to have a fresh feeling. They want to replace a car after driving for a short time. If they buy a new car, the depreciation rate is too high, and it’s not worth it, and the high-quality used car can meet their needs.

Used cars for sale in guangzhou china

It can be seen that the second-hand car buyers are still extensive. At this time, how to choose a second-hand car is very important. In the face of a variety of second-hand cars, we can’t just be greedy for cheap. We need to choose a Chinese second-hand car trading platform with regular channels, quality assurance, and service assurance to achieve high-cost performance truly.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing used cars:

1. Check the delivery time of the vehicle to avoid buying back the car to be scrapped.

2. Check whether the function key switches and display lights of the instrument panel and steering wheel are in good condition when checking the condition in the vehicle. Pay attention to the tightness of the door glass and whether it can rise and fall freely, and whether the seat slides smoothly back and forth.

3. Check the appearance of the engine for signs of oil and water leakage. Ignite the engine and observe the color of the exhaust gas. If it is translucent light gray, it indicates that the engine is in good condition.

4. Test the suspension system. You can use your hands to press down on the four corners of the car, such as the car body can bounce back and jump freely for 2-3 times, indicating that the system is normal.

When buying a used car, pay more attention to avoid being cheated. When booking a test drive, you can make some friends with car experience and common sense of test drive together to discuss problems together.

Export sales of second-hand cars in Guangzhou:

On the morning of July 11, 2019, dozens of used cars were tested at the Huagong Automobile Testing Station in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. On July 17, Guangzhou achieved the first batch of exports, exporting 300 vehicles, of which foreign-brand passenger cars and self-owned commercial vehicles valued at US$2.5 million. After the test is completed, it will be sent to the port and shipped to Cambodia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Russia, and other countries through various logistics methods such as ro-ro ships, containers China-EU freight trains.

Used car is tested
Used car is tested
Used cars are exported in Guangzhou
Used cars are exported in Guangzhou
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