What are the big details to pay attention to when evaluating a used car?

The change in consumption concept makes more and more people choose to buy second-hand cars. As we all know, today’s second-hand car market is no longer the original single sales method. Whether it is a few million yuan of super-luxury cars, or thousands of yuan of discontinued cars, here everything.

What are some ways to buy a used car?

1. Buy used cars online. The standardization and professionalism of the network second-hand car platform often make consumers trust it. Moreover, due to the platform’s openness, people can “shop around” to choose the most ideal model, and the final transaction price will be reasonable and cost-effective.

2. Second-hand car market. The used car market is the primary way for people to buy used cars. In the second-hand car market, all kinds of cars are abundant, such as hot-selling models, unique niche cars, million-class sports cars, and thousands of second-hand cars, which can be selected by consumers. If you are willing to buy a car and take the time to choose, you will be able to find a perfect car in the second-hand car market.

Second-hand car market

Compared with the new car, the second-hand car is more economical and practical, suitable for the novice car owners or owners with the limited economic ability to buy. However, when car owners buy second-hand cars, they need to integrate various factors to evaluate second-hand vehicles. If you don’t know much about this area, you can ask a professional used car appraiser to help you assess it, analyze the condition and value of the vehicle, and so on.

Which aspects should be paid attention to in second-hand car evaluation?

1. Headlights and windshield

You can observe each lamp to see if it is damaged or discolored. If it is discolored, it means that the light may be damaged and then changed again. Besides, the replaced parts are defective, so it is easy to change color. Second, look at the rubber seal on all sides of the windshield. If it is new, it means that the windshield of the car has been broken.

car lamp windshield

2. Trunk part

Pay attention to whether there is odor or mildew in the trunk, and whether the tightness of the trunk cover is intact. If the side is large and the other side is small, it means that the rear part of the car may have been hit. After the rear part is hit, it is hard to recover, so it is easy to judge.

3. Chassis

See if the engine is leaking oil (engine oil, gearbox oil).

4. The exhaust pipe

Touch the inside of the exhaust pipe with gloves when the oil temperature is low. If the ash stain on the gloves is black and gray, the engine combustion is incomplete and needs to be adjusted, but it is not severe. If it is black and has a viscous liquid, it means that the oil may leak, and the engine may be partially damaged.

5. Tire

Check tires for cracks or uneven wear. Check to see if the left and right wheels wear evenly. If not, it indicates that there may be problems with wheel positioning and suspension. If almost worn flat, the previous owner often brakes hard.

A used car has been recognized by more and more people, but how to choose and buy a used car, to understand the following aspects:

1. Determine the purpose. Mainly according to their own living habits and needs to decide what kind of car is the most suitable.

2. Make a budget. According to your economic strength, make a reasonable car purchase budget, and do what you can.

3. Determine the model. Carry outsource search.

4. Test drive the car. You can check and understand the general technical status of the second-hand car, or you can test drive it to experience the real performance of the vehicle under the urban road conditions.

If you don’t know enough about used cars, it’s best to bring an experienced person with you so you can avoid buying a questionable used car. After all, buying a car is not a trivial matter, it is better to be cautious.