What are the low price brands in the used car market?

If you only have 10000 yuan but want to buy a cost-effective used car, you must not miss it. Whether you choose a new car or a second-hand car, you will be very concerned about the quality and value of the car itself. Can you buy a reliable car for 10000 yuan?

  1. Jetta registered in 05-06

The quality of Jetta is well-known, exceptionally the more solid the old Jetta is, the old car market can still easily find the Jetta registered in 2005 and 2006. Maybe you will think that the car situation doesn’t matter. Chinese second-hand car suppliers believe that it only needs not to have too many accidents. A little defect is nothing. And now, parts are easy to find and repair cars are cheap. Take a step back to say that even if the second-hand car that buys needs a large area to fix an engine needs about two or three thousand pieces. On the market, the Jetta that registered in 05 years is just 8000 yuan around, the Jetta that registered in 6 years is also about 10 thousand yuan around, clean up the second-hand car, it’s no worse than the new car with tens of thousands of yuan at the moment!

  1. Polo registered in 05-06

There are not many Santana cars in the market, but the old Shanghai Volkswagen has a lot of Polo. If the old Jetta looks not fashionable enough, then the Polo may be a little better. As the first batch of hatchback cars in the country, the ancient Polo has anti-collision steel beams. Besides, during the period of 05-06, there were three box Polo on sale, and the sales volume was not low. 1.6L automatic transmission car model is very suitable for beginners; whether it’s Polo or Jetta, Chinese used car suppliers think that the old models’ materials are more and more sincere. The driving experience is not worse than the same new car at the moment.

  1. Plough registered in 9-10

Changhe Suzuki’s big dipper is still flashing in the old car market. The big dipper’s large size is due to its similar minivan setting, which results in the high longitudinal height of its trunk and the large volume of its application rate. Beidou star can install a standard single door refrigerator, even the current SUV is not all-around. Besides, the fuel consumption is low. Although the power of Beidou star is not enough, there is no problem to meet the normal driving. It reminds you that when you choose second-hand Beidou star, you should know the car owner’s driving situation before. If the owner is a self-employed person, do not buy if he often pulls the goods. Do not worry about not finding the source of the car. Beidou star, a second-hand car supplier in China, has a large number of vehicles.

  1. F3 registered in 09-10

BYD F3 is also a generation of magic cars, but the repair cost of this car is also very low. Maybe it’s called people’s cars. The price is low, and car maintenance is not expensive. At the moment, there is also a revised F3 in the market. The Chinese used car supplier doesn’t propose to buy this kind of car. It’s very troublesome to transfer ownership, and maintenance is also a problem.

In fact, there are ten thousand yuan cars that can be purchased in the used car market. No matter what used car you buy, the transfer of motor vehicle procedures and motor vehicle security transfer must be realized for the first time. In addition to the important event car, soaked water car, burning car, and classic car that can’t be touched, commercial vehicles should not be bought. It’s a pity that cars can’t be driven for a long period. Of course, when you choose the second-hand car supplier in China, you will be introduced one by one, all for the needs of customers!